Car Audio


Most cars today are sold with some of the cheapest speakers available on the market that costs just pennies to make, unless you have opted into a premium speaker setup with your car it is highly likely your speakers will be fairly low standard and output basic sound quality that won’t last any amplifier upgrades.

If you are looking to get the best possible sound out of your factory sound system, and you don’t have a vast budget, the speakers will always be a great place to start.

Popular brand aftermarket speakers tend to be built from higher quality materials than factory speakers such as rubber surrounds that last longer than the car factory standard paper and foam ones, which when they have deteriorated show a drastic drop is sound quality.


Head units are the centre piece of all car audio systems. The head unit is what lets you set the volume, choose the audio source, determine the specific song you want to hear or pick the radio station you want to listen to.


The subwoofer in a vehile controls the lower frequency sounds such as bass.


If you plan to upgrade your speakers an amplifier is a great addition to have, The amplifier is a device that takes weak audio signals and outputs signals that are powerful enough to drive speakers and subwoofers. Most headunits in vehicles have an amplifier built in for your speakers but are generally not that powerful unless you get an expensive headunit, even then it is more cost effective to get an extenal amplifier to supply you with that extra quality in sound and remove distortion at higher volumes.