Classic Car Services

Classic Car Electricals

As classic cars get older its inevitable that there will be issues with the electrical system. Sometimes its simple things but other times you will find it could just be a problem with the wiring loom itself. Wires in older cars tend to get less flexible with age and will eventually crack and have conductivity issues. We are able to diagnose faulty wiring and replace the damaged parts and make your loom good as new.

Classic Car Audio

A lot of our clients request a good audio system in their classic car, but they want to keep it looking classic. We are able to supply classic looking head units such as the caliber range for that classic style and also hide away the modern parts such as speakers making your classic car truly unique without any visual changes.

Classic Car Services

On top of helping your classic vehicle with old wiring and audio upgrades, at Unique Integrations we also offer other services such as