Range Rover

Range Rover Classic

Range Rover Classics are all on the up, people are loving the rugged 80s looks but not loving the 80s tape player and paper cone speakers. The original radios in Range Rover Classics are more than showing their age and with options to connect any form of smart phone or Ipod we often get asked for suitable replacements. The speakers in Classics are normally past their best and with some of the basic spec cars not having the speaker in the door. We can offer a wide range of speaker upgrades to Range Rover Classics and where possible we will always try to keep the original speaker grills in place to maintain the original looks.

With the fast rising price of Range rover Classics it is a well worth thinking or security options on your Range Rover, the slim metal key that looks like it opens your shed doesn’t stop much these days. We can supply and install full Cat 1 alarm immobilisers down to secret hidden starter kill switches.

As with all old cars the sounddeading is not up to much, if you’re planning a rebuild or just starting using the car on day to day basis Dynamat can transform the comfort of your Range Rover.... and of course Lily loves Range Rovers!

P38 (MK2)

The P38 is a much loved British, soon to be classic. We can offer alot of options on the P38. Not many people are aware that you can convert the radio to the new double din style radio. This means you can incorporate a brand new Satnav/Av unit to your P38.

To do this conversion we relocate the heater controls to the small storage pocket above the radio and remove the original clock. This then gives us room to mount a double din unit in a new facia in front of the gear stick.

L322 (MK3)

The L322 range rover is a very popular car, however the factory fitted head units and navigation system is now becoming very outdated and also starting to fail. These systems suffer with water coming into the car from the rear light and ruining the original radio tuner, amplifier and navigation rom.

It is now possible to replace the original screen at the front of the car with one of our up to date Satnav units, this means you can now have full ipod/smartphone control, Digital radio, and Bluetooth hands free. With all of our systems the original steering controls will keep working with the new head unit.