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Welcome to our first car specific page of our website. Over the past 35 years of combined experience one of the most popular cars for us to work on has been the mighty Land rover Defender. We struggle to think of a single job that we have not done to a land rover defender.

because of the huge demand of Defender upgrades we are pleased to be able to put together package options for our HIFI systems, double din conversions and sound proofing.

JL Audio 

This system is our go to flag ship hifi upgrade. This system is a full 3 way active audio setup using the smooth and powerful JL Audio C7 speakers ( at the front end powered by the JL Audio VXi 800/8 amplifier. This system is a fully active system with no passive crossover's meaning you get the same power to all 6 speakers. This is then coupled with the JL Audio CP106 ported subwoofer enclosure, This can either be mounted on the back of the centre console or under the rear seats on the 110 (centre console option not available with Recaro race bucket seats) Rear speakers are replaced with JL Audio C2 400x coax speakers in the orginal locations. 

The power and clarity of this setup is truly stunning, The JL Audio C7 speakers are fantastic at playing all genre's of music from heavy rock, dance to hi end vocal tracks and are a truly second to none speaker.

Kit list

JL Audio C7 6.5 woofer 

JL Audio C7 3.5 mid

JL Audio C7 1 Tweeter

JL Audio VXi 800/8 

JL Audio cp106 

Cost for this system excluding a suitable headunit £4500 inc vat fitted



Audison Voce 

System 2 for our land-rover upgrade is the Audison voce 3 way speaker set, This system uses the Voce AV6.5 woofer, the Voce AV3.0 mid and the Voce AV1.1 tweeter. We then Pair this with the Audison SR5.600 amplifier to run all 6 speakers fully active with no passive crossovers. 

Running the bottom of the system is the JL Audio cp106 paired with a JL Audio JD250/1 amplifier.   

This system requires a headunit with a minimum of 2 preouts. 

kit list

Audison Voce AV6.5

Audison Voce AV3.0

Audsion Voce AV1.1

Audsion SR.5.600

JL Audio Cp106

JL Audio JD250/1

Cost of this system excluding a suitable headunit   £2700 inc vat fitted

Audison Prima 

System 3 Audison Prima 3 way, For this system we use the Audison prima range of speakers with a  inline power amp to double the power of your headunit. This has all the benifits of adding the 6.5"speaker to the seat section whilst keeping within a budget. 

kit list 

Audison Prima 6.5 woofer

Audison Prima 4 mid

Audison Prima 1.1 tweeter 

Pioneer inline 4 channel amp 

Cost of this system £1350 inc vat fitted 

Sound Proofing 

Defenders are loved by many but not many people love how noisy they can be. Of Course this can be cured but unfortunately it is not a quick fix. We have seen lots of defenders which clamed to have been soundproofed only to find an embarrassing amount of sound proofing fitted. As a rough guide it takes 2 days to fully soundproof a 90 and 3 days to fully soundproof a 110. 
We use a mixture of products these include Dynamat, skinz, Dynaliner and skinz foam.  

The car is first stripped down this includes all seats, carpets, door cards, headlining any extra cubby boxes and the gearshift access panel. All bare metals are then degresed and prepped ready for sound proofing.
Skinz is applied to all the floors and wheel archs including seat boxes and removable seat panels. Dynamat is then installed onto the headlining and backs of the door cards. the doors are covered in 2mm skinz on the inner and outer panels.
To finish off the roof a 6mm foam is added which really helps keep the warmth in and heat out in the summer. 
Total cost for 90 £2300
Total cost for 110 £2600


New Defender Lazer lamp upgrades

We are stockiest of the incredible lights that our Lazer lamps. After years of fitting various lights for customers we found the only light bars and spot lights to go for are Lazer lamps. These amazing lights are not only made here in the UK but are by far the best light we have ever fitted. They do not take your radio reception out like many of the cheap light bars do and the light output on them is simply amazing.

Front light bar for roof rack Lazer Lamp Linear 36

This is fitted to the factory roof rack and sits just in front of the wind break. The spot light is wired to a wireless can reader so no cables are connected to the land rovers wiring loom, this keeps in line with land rovers no soldiering policy so that any warranties are not affected. The light is activated from the main beam switch and has a master on off switch with it.

Supplied and fitted price £1899.00 inc vat 

Rear light bars for roof rack Lazer Lamp linear 6

These are fitted to back of the original roof rack and activated on the original reverse light or a separate switch depending on choice. 

Supplied and fitted price £1490.00 inc vat 

Both front and rear fitted at the same time £2999.00 inc vat 

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