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Autowatch Ghost 2 

Discover the unique integrations offered by Autowatch Ghost 2 immobilser. Our cutting-edge technology ensures the highest level of vehicle security, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.


Advanced Security


Phone app for 2 users


Un-detectable by thieves

Ghost 2.png


Money back guarantee 


Disarm using factory steeringwheel/dash buttons


Transferable from vehicle to vehicle

Call or email for price



Unique Integrations is your source for all things car security. With a wide range of car alarms, trackers, and other security products, we are the trusted choice for all your car security needs. Our products are designed to provide you with the highest level of security and peace of mind, allowing you to drive with confidence and trust.

We understand the importance of protecting your vehicle, and our team of experts are dedicated to providing the best car security solutions. Visit us today and find out why so many people choose Unique Integrations for their car security needs.

  • Autowatch ghost immobiliser (see video below)

  • Cat 5 and Cat 6 trackers with live tracking from smartphones

  • Cat 1 alarms 

  • Non insurance approved alarms

  • Classic car immobilisers

  • Van locks

  • Dash Cameras

  • Alarms with remote start


This is an example video of a car being stolen using what is known as a relay theft. The device in the thefts hand extends the range of your wireless key to over 20-30meters meaning the car can then be unlocked and started whilst the keys remain inside!

Also an example of how quick a blank key can be programmed to a car for theft. 

This is exactly what the Autowatch Ghost 2 can prevent. 

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