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Navigation units 

Ipad installs

 Hands free phone kits

Parking senors 

Heated seats 

Dash cameras 

Apple car play & Android auto 

Double din conversion

Rear seat entertainment

Split charge systems  

Aftermarket lighting 

Fault finding 

Wiring repairs




Satellite navigation has been around now for many years but some cars still don’t come with it as a standard option. Phones now offer great connectivity with apple offering Apple Car play and Android offering Android Auto, both of these give free up to date navigation software.
With our navigation units either from Pioneer or Alpine these units offer you full European mapping and full postcode search with the option of adding speed camera locations. All our navigation units come with iPod connectivity and built in Bluetooth for music and handsfree.

We can also fit units which now have digital radio (DAB). Fitting is subject to vehicle so please call us or pop in so we can give you a fixed quote.


Weather your building a mini bus company and want to offer a little extra or your looking for some piece and quiet on your way to the coast with the kids we have you covered. we can offer fold down roof dvd players to rear headrest screens or maybe you want to add tablets to the back seats? or just maybe you want a 32" lcd tv in the back give us a call to let us help your image come to life.



With many new cars coming with the option of factory fitted heated seats we can offer the option of upgrading your car to have heated seats.
There are two heated seat kits we offer, one is a full kit which heats the base and back of the seat the other kit just heats the base only. The kits come with a switch we can mount either on the side of the seat or on the dashboard. Kits start from £299 per seat depending on vehicle.

We can also offer heated seat kits for classic cars using original switches giving the impression they are factory fitted which is what we have done to our mk2 golf gti demo car.


We offer four (4) eye parking sensor kits which come with an external buzzer that is mounted in the car to give a warning tone while you are reversing.
All eyes can be colour coded to match the factory paint colour which we do in house.
Reversing sensor kits start from £250 upwards depending on vehicle and what type of sensors we use.



With tablets now offering a huge amount of options for music navigation and hi res video playback it is now a real option to have one mounted as your radio. for this reason we have done our demo VW T5 with a ipad as the radio to show just what you can expect if you are looking for that something special. 


Now it is agaisnt the law to use your mobile phone in the car it is vital that you become hands free.

Penalties for using your phone while driving. If you are caught using a hand-heldmobile phone or similar device while driving or riding, you'll get an automatic fixedpenalty notice - three penalty points and a fine of £60. If your case goes to court, you may face disqualification on top of a maximum fine of £1,000.

give us a call so we can held you stay legal.



Dash cameras have become the most poplar security add on in recent years, but the big problem is having the horrible cable hanging over your dashboard into your cigar lighter socket. we can do a full hard wire service to hide those nasty cables. Along with hardwiring your dash camera we can also offer power pack solutions. lots of modern cars throw up a warning light if you ad any extra load to the battery. this can become very annoying if you are looking to have your dash camera record when the key isnt in the ignition. power banks can solve this by powering the camera for up to 24 hours on there own battery pack.


The latest and most Upto date way of integrating your phone to your car. Apples version is called apple car play and now lets you choice from 3 different navigation options including Apple maps, Google maps and Waze. As well as all your music services phone calls and txt messages all whilst keeping you legal.

Andriod Auto is googles version of smart phone integration and gives you Google maps and Waze plus all your music services and calls. Find out the best way of integrating these two great features into your car by calling us today. 



Looking to have a touch screen added to your car but don't have a big enough hole in your dash broad to allow for it? There are now alot of options for different facia panels to adapt your original radio to allow for a 7" touch screen unit. One of the most popular of these is the Land Rover Defender facia adapter that lets you bring a hole new lease of life to your Land Rover.

call us today to see if you car can be converted.


Wiring is our bag, lots of people hate the idea of having to sort through wiring and most people get scared of it but not us at Ui. Maybe you have some spot lights on your 4x4 that keep blowing fuses or a light bar that is to heavy duty for the OE relay? have a winch that you need help plumbing? what ever the wiring job big or small we can probably help. With all out lighting all joins are either soldered and heat shrinked or we use the latest Deustch water proof connecters. We have made complete wiring looms for cars as well as complex arming style switches for all your lights.  

We can also offer split charge systems with Battery to Battery charging and DC to 240AC power adapters so you can charge laptops and power tools. 



They can be dangerous and also troublesome. It is now a mot fail if your car has its airbag warning light on. this can be a problem for many ageing cars as the cost of some airbags can be up in the hundreds of pounds area. If your car is suffering with its airbags and your mot is coming close why not give us a call to see if we can help out.


Have a fault that needs finding on your car? maybe your car doesn't start and you suspect it could be the immobiliser? or is your window not going up and down? maybe your heater just isn/t blowing like it used to? What ever the Fault might be our experience in taking interiors apart and dashboards off makes us perfect to deal with the faults that most mechanics don't like to do. 


Split Charge/dual battery's

Converting your van into a camper? Or maybe you are looking to charge all your devices and run camping fridges but dont want to run the risk of running the main battery flat. We offer full split charge system intergration for modern cars/vans with smart alternators requiring battery to battery chargers. 

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